“Social Complex”

Net Art


I built a composite creator that has pre-cut images, that represent our society and culture today in America. The viewer will be allowed to see the image, and “paste” the image onto the “canvas”. They also have the option to change the image’s tint 3 times using the shift button, and reset the canvas using the delete button. It will all be insinuated by the text at the top of the page. For the viewer that is curious, they will begin to see things that are not exactly beautiful, things that might be terrifying, and unjust. But they also see the better, wonderful things that make our society great. The viewer creates their own artwork from the good and the bad. They can either recognize what is happening, or not know what is going on. The viewers should question the images and text that I have chosen. This piece points to two questions: What can we take from society, and what can we do with it to make it better? How can our art do the same?