I am a mixed-media artist in a time where the world lives and breathes technology. While using paints, found material, and graphite in my previous work, I now find myself surrounded and submerged into the world of technology. My current work is comprised of digital media art that subtly picks at present-day affairs that our society is grappling with.

My work has taken a conceptual form more than objective. Each artwork is created with different mediums, but always has the intention of asking questions about the realities of our society. I tend to not be so transparent with the messages I wish to send out. Instead, I create paths for the viewer to follow by leaving a trail of digital bread crumbs. By doing so, it creates a larger space for interpretation and personal resolutions.

I truly appreciate the movement and change that can occur within the artwork I create. It mimics the freedoms that I have allowed myself to have while being an artist, and the acceptance that everything is always changing.