Angelabelle Abarientos is a San Diego based mixed-media artist. She received her BFA in Digital Media Arts at San Jose State University, in May 2020. Abarientos specializes in Digital Media and Composite Art.

She was first inspired by Japanese Anime and her desire to recreate its graphic illustrations. Her scope of abilities would go beyond the realm of Anime as her curiosity and eagerness to learn brought her to study Studio Arts at San Diego Community College. Abarientos always had a passion for math, so when she came across web development, it was the perfect combination of both math and the arts. This finding would be the gateway into Digital Media Arts. She has thus created mixed media work since 2011.

Abarientos’ artwork uses todays technology to point to specific relationships between society and technology. She composes net-art, installations, and digital sculptures that yearn for truths behind technology, and she hopes that society can reconnect as they once did before technology.