Digital Media Art


Time is currency and currency nowadays is evaluated as something important. Time in that sense, is something we need to think wisely about, whether we spend it all at once, where we spend it, how we spend it, and who we spend it with. With the internet more accessible and “vital” to the growth to our society, it’s easier to put all our time into it. But there are issues that are rising, are you spending your time well on the internet? Have you gained any knowledge? Can you make a difference? All that we need to be is aware. Be aware of what you are doing with your time.

One extension replaces most of the images on the website with images relating money and time, another extension has black squares that popup as you move your mouse on the page, and the other replaces “S” with “$”. It inhibits you from navigating through the site effectively, eventually blacking it out. It also blacks out the images of the money at the same time. Part of this project is connected to the idea that our time is money, and in the way I made it, you can now visualize the your time as money on the webpage and how easy it is to lose track of that.

Another extension redirects you after 30 seconds on one page. It shoots you over to webpages with information about the Sesta Fosta Bill, Net Neutrality, and USA News, things that many of us do not know about, but should know key in to, and then restarts the loop of browsing.