“i-do-not-accept” is a Netart piece that points to the issues of privacy, and the transparency we seek to gain from technologies and companies. Not too long ago, we were unaware of our private information being used or monitored. And now, data surveillance happens so often that most of the population is desensitized by the thought of it. But some are taking stances. Companies like IVPN, are creating new applications to allow people to live a private life. In their manifesto, they state “If information is power, and we’ve lost control of our information, what are we left with?” There will always be companies and technologies that will take our information from us, but we have the right to create something that will benefit us, and make them powerless. In that, we will always have the right to use art as a tool to direct attention to this subject, because our privacy matters. “i-do-not-accept”, echos what we would be saying if we were always aware of the surveillance that occurs every second of the day.

This project uses a machine learning model that detects real-time human poses. With it, I’ve created a website that was “aware” of us, and did not enjoy the idea that we were there. I felt that the equivalent of our private information would be the websites code. The text that appears before the user is what makes the website “live”. When society became aware of the privacy issues, they masked off their own information. And so I had the txt file slowly disappear, as the viewer continues to “threaten” the privacy of the website.